LiveTraxs App for iPhone 2.0 Released


We are excited to announce that v2.0 of the LiveTraxs is now available on App store. This version of the app incorporates a lot of new interactive features, usability improvements and improvised look & feel of the app.

With this release we introduce 3 live stream on a single display.

- The Band

- The Backstage

- The Shout-out

Some of the salient features of this release are:

-Newly redesigned and responsive Global Stage for a fantastic live concert experience
- Update Audio Player for enhanced playback
- Ability to Rotate Photo before sending to event
- Ability to view Artists Profiles, Like and Share the Artist Profile from the App
- The app got re-themed, with streamline UI and great looking Fonts.
- Various other usability Improvements making the concert interaction experience more seamless.

Please update your app and let us know your feedback so we can improve upon and bring an ultimate live concert experience to our wonderful fans.

Till next time, keep rocking…

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LiveTraxs iPhone app v2.0